When it comes to making personal statements, nothing quite triggers people so emotionally as cars. We all feel so strongly when it comes to making vindications about cars. Now despite the flurry of opinions, it is actually hard to find someone who would not like a MINI. In fact, the MINI has been voted as the greatest British car of all time, ahead of all the other connoisseur British brands. 

The first MINI was designed and launched back in 1959, positioned to stand out in the new wave of bubbles cars which were coming on stage in Britain back then. It’s actually difficult to not recognise a MINI, and MINIs possess that inexplicable likeability which somehow draws the affection of hardline auto-geeks. 

I still remember my first ride on a friend’s MINI on a 300km road trip from Penang to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Whilst I had been quite fond of the cute MINI look, little did I know that the car was a little devil in disguise (boy can it run, definitely not your “chick” car). It was definitely an “ego-stroking” road trip in some ways, as I imagined myself as a “gentleman racer” while cruising down the highway.

It seems to me that cars nowadays are only considered iconic if they are electric, and are we surprised that there’s now an all-electric MINI? The MINI Electric has not gone into production yet, but it has been hailed as one of the best electrical car options. MINI’s parent company, the BMW Group, previously launched the all-electric BMW i3 and auto-geeks out there can’t wait to experience BMW’s electric magic on the MINI. Personally, I am most intrigued by how the ‘go-kart’ handling, which is the signature of MINIs, would feel on, well, electricity. 

Whilst we are still coming to terms with the excitement brought by the MINI Electric, the BMW Group has also launched a campus in Munich, Germany which is dedicated to the development of autonomous driving. So, who knows, we could be in for a new movie featuring driverless MINIs saving the day in the near future (after years as Mr. Bean’s ride)!