“Anything is possible” was the theme of the night, and Cosentino was the name of the game.

Hailed as the new David Copperfield, International Magician of the Year, Paul Cosentino is here in Singapore till Sunday, 27 August 2017. Brace yourself for some amazing dance moves, rock-star background music, and amazing pyrotechnics accompanying the jaw-dropping acts.

Cosentino brings you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions through old-school hand magic tricks, illusions, physical demonstrations, to death-defying acts – and a generous serving of humor every step of the way. Cosentino is redefining magic in this historical sit-down. He ingeniously defies the limits of the mind, body and soul, bringing you act after act, speechless in amazement at the world of magic.

As the magician rightly pointed out, “you’ll be kept wondering if all that you’re seeing, is really all that is.” What set this show apart from other similar shows, was how completely honest and open Cosentino was in showing us the tricks up his sleeves. You know the age-old trick where the attractive assistant is sawed into half through a wooden box? Cosentino did too – but through a transparent glass box. Wouldn’t you just imagine that!

Later on, Cosentino stunned the crowd again by escaping from a dangerous set-up he named “Smashed”, which was exactly what you’d be, if you didn’t escape from the straight jacket, chains and medley of locks. Cosentino did all that, in 2 minutes.

A huge shocker for me was when a topless assistant strutted across the stage, pushing a trolley towards Cosentino. Ok that’s not an accurate description. Topless, meaning absolutely missing! Just legs, strutting across the stage, pushing the trolley towards Cosentino, while Cosentino revealed an attractive lady, out of a limp hand. Strange, but definitely refreshing.

The show also saw a young 11-year old boy from the audience climbing into a helicopter which the magician brought out of thin air! That same lucky boy walked away with one of Cosentino’s Magic Kits. I think life’s just about to change for that young man.

Anything’s possible, if you believe!

Catch Cosentino at the Mastercard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands from now till 27 August 2017 here!

Photos courtesy of Pierre Baroni & Cosentino