Be it meet-and-greet, concerts, you name it – Seeing your favorite idols up close and personal is an exhilarating experience. From Chow Yunfat, Beyoncé, David Beckham, Daniel Wu to BIGBANG, imagine the adrenaline rush. We are all so used to the glamour of gods. But how many of us notice the great souls which bring together the glee.

Stepping behind the scenes, Reggie Martin makes this happen with his charm and gusto. He is now the favorite host of the most influential VIPs at the world’s biggest casino, The Venetian & Parison Macao, batching his relationships with celebrities to put up good shows without a hitch.

I flew all the way to Macau from Singapore and had warm conversations with Reggie about his story over the delectable Portuguese egg tarts. Hear out for more:

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Reggie, can you share with us your career story?

R: My career started at a very young age with my family stressing to me the importance of a good education and having and establishing great connections, making them into great relationships. Learning and understanding that at a young age helped me out a lot with life awareness, decisions, experiences and shaping me into the person I am today. I graduated from Winona State University with a Recreation Degree, did my intern in Palm Springs California at the Lawrence Welk Resort. I landed my first job with Club Med Resorts, working in Clubmed – you learned how to do everything from Public Relations to Concierge to being a Tour Guide and sports instructor running a childcare center to Front Office. It was great on the job training better than any School could have taught me. Clubmed took me around the world. I joined Starwood Hotel/Resorts after at the Westin Macau as Recreation Director. Good times never stop. I am now with Venetian Macau looking after VIP/Celebrity Relations.

How did you initiate your career and what brought you to Asia?

R: I initiated my career by first knowing what I was good at and finding out a way how to turn it into a career. Making new friends came easy to me, so I was blessed to find a job to go with my personality. I’m very good at making and establishing relationship with some of the most influential people in the world. I was brought to Asia with Club Med resorts, my first country to work in was Bali, Indonesia.

How did you build your celebrity network?

R: Building my Celebrity network was a long time in the making. I have always been around celebrities when I was in high school. My best friend in high school was Glenn Big Dog Robinson, he was the number 1 high school player in the country, now the number 1 NBA with the first overall pick for the Milwaukee Bucks and eventually signed a rookie-record 10-year, $68 million deal that still stands as the richest NBA rookie contract.

Why Asia?

R: Funny enough. I never dreamed or wanted to come to Asia. I wanted to go to Latin America and the Caribbean. But God had other plans for me. Now I never want to leave Asia. I love the different cultures each Asian country has to offer and the friendliness of the people. Best decision I’ve made is to be here in Asia.

Tell us how different it is to work in the states and Asia?

R: I have always worked for American Companies besides Clubmed which was a French company. I have not experienced anything different in the work place.

What’s your mission in the American Chamber of Commerce?

R: I’m one of the founder member and Vice Chair of the American Chambers of Macau. Our mission is to promote American business interests and practices in Macau. We stand as one of the most influential Chambers. From retail to manufacturing, our members represent both diversity of interests and relationships.

How do you usually spend your Sundays?

R: I love spending my Sundays going to Church and watching movies. I love having a feet massage.

What’s your favorite food in Macau?

R: My favorite restaurant, Fernando’s which serves Portuguese food.

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Photo courtesy of Shaun Tay