Our story begins with our passion. We can’t inspire unless we inspire ourselves.

Passionintensity and victory, the holy trinity. All meaningful victories result from sustained determination, which is created through passion and intensity. Being a greenhorn in Singapore, the latest addition to the TripleFit Coaching Team has caught quite a tad bit of media attention. As you might have already known, he’s got a hod bod – always an alluring factor to the ladies.

Let Daniel serve as your inspiration and motivation!
Read and watch his journey on how his passion makes him stronger:

Share with us your background.

D: I was born and raised in Sweden and grew up in a very sports-oriented environment. Hockey was the first sport I picked up, followed by soccer. However, for the last five years I have been training to participate in CrossFit competitions while also working as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. My journey has brought me to TripleFit, here in Singapore, where I set foot two months ago.

What inspired you to be who you are today?

D: I always find training to be a lot of fun. To be able to work where my love, passion and hobbies lie suits me well. I hope I can inspire others by living to what I preach.

What are you passionate about?

D: I am extremely passionate about CrossFit, animals, and reading up on History.

Tell us more about your upcoming game?

D: My goal right now is set on the CrossFit Open in May to qualify for the Pacific Regionals in Australia together with my team at CrossFit Mobilus. I’m also preparing myself for the Asia Championship semi-finals in Bangkok this April.

Video produced by Joanne Lim
Photo courtesy of Shaun Tay