‘You have to try otherwise you will never know, you have to be given the freedom of thought.’
– Paul Roberts


It’s not the end of an era without David Bowie because this internationally-acclaimed British former lead singer of ‘The Stranglers’ – Paul Roberts, is paying homage to the greatest British rock star by bringing back ‘Let’s Dance’, one of David’s biggest-selling tracks and a set of songs across Bowie’s classic albums at Cè LaVi to celebrate life in its unique way that this great master of modern pop music would want us to.

Read on to find out how he has been influenced by the Legendary Rockstar- David Bowie.

Is this your first time performing in Singapore/Asia? What’s your impression and what’s good in Singapore?

P: Yes! I love it. It’s a dream destination for me. Fantastic buildings. I’ve a dream when I was a child, for Singapore & Malaysia. The standard food at the airport is the same as the restaurants.

What do you think of David Bowie?

P: He was an accessible person even though his public image was odd.

How has David Bowie influence you?

P: His voice and lyrics – Wow!

What do you think is David Bowie’s most significant contribution to British music?

P: To teach people not to be afraid to experiment because that’s what you need in any art. This goes against all of my beliefs, certainly Bowie too. He lost money to make a record because I’ve been in the commercial situation where you are driven by a record company where they demand a lot.

What are the main challenges in performing David Bowie?

P: Just a little respectful to get it right.

Why did you choose ‘Let’s Dance?

P: Because in some way, it’s something you discuss with people to put the show on. If you are calling out to people to come watch the show, a majority of them would know the song because this is one of the biggest hits.

Which are your favorite songs of David Bowie?


Have you met/performed with David Bowie? If you could go back in time, which song or gig would you like to perform with David?

P: Nearly, he was walking out of his dressing room and I was in mine. We’d the same agent. We were just this far apart. If I could go back in time, I would want to change the miracle and perform together – absolutely. And I will create a new rhythm with him, probably along the line of ‘station to station’.

How do you find your inspiration for music?

P: It’s not ideal to sit down to write a song. Music is there. I’ve great musicians to work with me. We work with the musicians to create something. Of course, I tie all of them together with food. *grins*

What’s your advice for those who would like to form a band for new innovations and the key takeaways when comes to team work?

P: You have to work hard and take the risk. Understand each other, share the finances unless you are a standalone artiste. The best is to ride together but make it clear with consensus decision-making.

What do you love doing than music? 

P: Draw. Read. Go to theatre – I love theatre since i was a child; another reason to like Bowie because he wasn’t afraid to make a fool of himself when he was young. You have to try otherwise you will never know.

To meet him in person, grab the tickets for ‘Let’s Dance – Paul Roberts sings David Bowie’  here while it lasts.

Photos courtesy of Jose Jeuland