Ashlogue B-Real #2: A day of her life outside work & her personal story

Her weight – every woman’s favorite. Her voice and smile – all men’s lullaby.

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What does a day in the life of an artiste outside work like? Definitely not a bizarre wonder!

Here, in conjunction with Ashlogue turning 1 this year, we have searched high and low for personalities who are gracefully real and passionate about their extra talents for this new series. Fortunately, we have been blessed with lots of ‘Grace’. This time round in Hong Kong, who better to spend a graceful afternoon than Grace Chan, the 2013 Miss Hong Kong!

It all started with a bang. High spirits. Lively. Animated. Effusive. Vivacious. Enthusiastic about life. That’s Grace Chan! You can’t imagine her positive vibes and attractive charisma. After all, passion and optimism are very captivating.

Everyone is diving into the busy trap. Whether you have always been keeping on the hop or easing up, we all need a breather outside of work. Sometimes a break from our routine or embracing our own quirks is just what we are after. Life was better in the 80s, don’t you think?

How many times can you skip in a minute? Well, take a walk through to find out the interesting wedges Grace has:




If you want to know a few tricks of the trade on how she keeps her weight and also her personal/relationship story, you wouldn’t want to miss this.


Watch on how she spends her Saturdays outside of work and her passion:

A day of her life outside work

Sweet treats from Buttery Factory

Video produced by RAW  | @dkting
Photo courtesy of Joyce Yung | @yungjoyce