Ashlogue B-Real #3: His Sunday life outside work

In the lead up to Ashlogue turning 1, Ashlogue B-Real is a new video series rolling out real life stories of the most diligent artistes in Asia and a day of their life outside work complementing with their passions and extra talents.

Nathan Hartono, everyone’s favourite of late I am sure. This incredible and talented soul has constantly kept us on our feet. Keeping up with his amazing performance at Sing! China, the magic continues with his appearances in almost all the major events in Singapore.

‘Nothing happens overnight. I’ve been at this for years.’
– Nathan Hartono

Having been in the industry for almost a decade, Nathan finally receives the recognition that he deserves. Ashlogue is honoured to have Nathan shared some of his thoughts and reflections on his journey, and of course haha, Jay Chou (check out our FB Live chat) on a Sunday morning.

Watch on how he spends his Sunday and guess what’s brewing:

Video produced by Walter Tan & Artree 
Photo courtesy of Shaun Tay