Movement restriction orders have disrupted routines of athletes around the world. Apart from taking these challenges head-on, many are wondering whether they should wear a face mask when training in public and outdoors. There is still no consensus on the best way to stay healthy outside and when to train with a face mask.

The UA Sportsmask is a reusable, water-resistant performance face mask designed for maximum breathability by Under Armour’s innovation team in record time. This first-of-its-kind mask functions to reduce the spread of respiratory droplets by the wearer. The top of the mask features a moldable nose-bridge to help secure it in place and mitigate airflow to the eyes, helping to prevent glasses from fogging. It can also be washed and dried, making it more eco-friendly than many single-use, disposable options. 

At Under Armour, we always want to be part of the solution, especially during this extremely challenging time. We specifically designed this mask for athletes and for all of us who want to exercise and train while also keeping ourselves, and those around us, safe.

Patrik Frisk, CEO of Under Armour

Dropping in UA SG stores from 24 July onwards – Orchard Central, Vivocity and Funan!