I was soundly asleep on the first flight from Athens to Santorini, until I caught a glimpse of the first morning light. Arriving at the villa, the last and finest tinge of my drowsiness was mesmerised by the candy-coloured, quaint houses carved into cliffs.

“Why not treat yourself to some zen?” I thought to myself, and in a turn changed into my yoga kit as usual and braved the strong but kind Santorinian winds.

Unsurprisingly, I started to flicker like a candle in the wind not long after. Then, with some shower and food, it was time for some treat in slumberland in my villa. But of course, no Greek island treat was complete without a stroll when sundown.

Standing on the edge of the Greek cliffs, off the charts, time stood still, while the candidly orange evening lights came onstage in the azure sky.

Gazing into the horizon, with the winds howling through our ears and threatening to fling us into the waters, we stood in awe, timidly searching for the gods and heroes, trying in vain to console ourselves with Epicurus, and ultimately turning around to calm ourselves, staring at the white walls and blue domes scattered behind us.

As the sun set down, taking away the glorious rays of the dusking sky, and thus intensifying the mists at the sea horizon, we finally understood how all the Greek myths came into being. How can you not be divinely inspired when you live in such a mysteriously beautiful country?

Under the darkening sky, we set off in the wind, and beseeched Poseidon’s (the Greek sea God) grace for a tranquil journey back home – ticking off one of our New Year Resolutions from the bucket list!


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Photos courtesy of Aaron Defaney