The musical game in Singapore has officially entered its climax with the opening of Phantom of the Opera. This gem of a work by Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber is no stranger to Asian fans (you still remember the motion picture, yes?), clad in our smartest outfits, our ears were given a great treat with some genuinely solid singing. Each line of lyric was impeccably phrased and lucidly sung into our hearts.

For the current production, I found the intense acting to be most impressive. Sitting at the balcony, my mind was led into a wilderness of loneliness by the Phantom’s voice, only to be rudely lunged back into the limelight by an abrupt loud thud. In case you were wondering, like I did, Christine was already prostrating on the stage.

Yes, that was a strong push by the Phantom! Be sure to check him out at MBS whist he’s still in our part of the world.

The musical runs from 24 April to 8 June 2019 at the Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands – come and be entranced here, that’s “All I Ask of You”.   

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