‘Never stop doing your best. Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.’
– Marie Choo

I’d not witnessed someone who was so passionate about running for rescue dogs till my first meeting with Marie last year today. It was a day when we celebrated acts of courage and determination. Marie left her full time PR job and initiated her new life journey by first educating her dogs, Butter & Ash, at home.

The perseverance and passion inherent within Marie’s soul inspired me to write a story about her experiences over the years and her current stage in life. She enjoys taking up and overcoming new challenges from time to time, and hence is committed to something different, exciting and intense every year. Coming Saturday (March 11), she will be on her first ultra trail race in Hong Kong to save our street dogs.

Ashlogue is honored to be part of Marie’s fund raising initiative for rescue dogs. Watch the inspiration behind her real life story, you will be amazed:

Will you #BeBoldForChange?  Marie has done it, what about you?

If you are a dog lover yourself and would like to be part of this campaign, act here before it’s too late.
Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

Photo courtesy of Shaun Tay