Ashlogue B-Real #4: His Sunday life outside work

Welcome to the final feature of the Ashlogue B-Real series where we share real life stories of the most diligent artistes in Asia and a day of their lives outside work, complementing their passions and mesmerising talents. We wrapped up the series with this inspiring Australian-Malaysian violin virtuoso.

From law student to violinist to media heart-throb, everyone is definitely curious about how Josh Kua managed that transformation. At first sight, he appears to be a studious and meticulous performer,  on the other end of the spectrum, he is a larger-than-life fashionista. Juggling between two completely different images is simply impressive.

Watch on how he spends his Sunday and his upcoming release:

Sweet treats by The Fullerton Bay Hotel

Video produced by Artree
Photos courtesy of Shaun Tay

More to come in 2017, have a stupendous New Year!