Ashlogue B-Real #1: A day of her life outside work & her personal story

In conjunction with Ashlogue turning 1, Ashlogue B-Real is a new video series rolling out real life stories of the most diligent artistes in Asia and a day of their life outside work complementing with their passions and extra talents – first with Grace Wong (aka. 花曼) from Hong Kong.

Being an artiste is mind-blowing. You sweep the red carpet. You face the dinky and quick-snap camera lens. Glamorous. Appealing. You name it. It’s exciting being on set but in fact the life of an artiste never comes easy. This might sound cliche. There are incredible setbacks and sacrifices an artiste makes as they pursue their career in the industry.

‘Nobody is going to give you anything. You’ve got to go out and fight for everything you want. I am a Warrior. ‘
– Grace Wong


Everyone appreciates Grace’s work life story, but what’s more exciting is her life behind the scenes – just as much as we from Ashlogue realize we value the hard work she has put in to get to where she is today, so proud of her.

Despite her constant workload on tight schedules, she still managed to get hold of her time for a chat over coffee with our Founder – Ashleey with great passion.

Want to find out what exactly she has been giving up on and how she fights for her winning?  Watch to know her better yourself:

Part 1: Her personal life

Part 2: Her new venture

Part 3: Her TVB work life

Outfit Deets:
Jewelry by Dearest Grace

Video produced by Artree 
Photo courtesy of Shaun Tay