“We promised to bring hope to the children at risk.”

Louis Vuitton representatives visited Syria to meet the children who suffered through the humanitarian crisis. For 70 years, across 190 countries and territories, UNICEF defends the right of every child. While UNICEF volunteers are taking action, it might not be enough.

We know many individuals, in their own generous ways, are doing their part to make an impact in the lives of the world’s children. Become a donor, get involved or simply join the moment #makeapromise.

Let’s hear what they have to say…

ashleeyleong_ashlogue_ashlogue magazine_datuk kelvin tan_louis vuitton_unicef_makeapromise_LV_TSH Kelvin Tan

Datuk Kelvin Tan making his pledge with his beloved mother #makeapromise
(From left to right: Datuk Kelvin Tan and his mother)

The compassionate and fashion forward Datuk Kelvin Tan, chairman of listed companies TSH Resources Bhd, Ekowood International Bhd and Innoprise Plantations Bhd supports various charitable causes. One of which was the participation of Louis Vuitton x UNICEF #makeapromise movement, as he believes that every child deserves a chance at happiness. He added, “This movement is an excellent idea. As one of the globally recognized brands, Louis Vuitton’s corporate initiative to venture with UNICEF for improvement in society at any level is always a great idea, for themselves and the community of course.” To him, anything related to charity and good causes deserves much support.

Datuk Kelvin Tan believes that to ensure that a fundraising event is a winner, one needs to know the purpose and also what is the goal that they want to achieve. It is crucial to target the right audience and to convince supporters that their organization and event are worthy of their time and money. Having said that, he believes in the Louis Vuitton x UNICEF movement of helping children and has pledged his support with his beloved mother.

ashleeyleong_ashlogue_ashlogue magazine_louis vuitton_unicef_makeapromise_LV_jaimelee the paper bunny_the paper bunny_jaime lee

Jaime Lee making her pledge with her two-month-old son, Jonah #makeapromise

Similarly, for Jaime Lee, entrepreneur and creative director of The Paper Bunny pledged her promise and believes the Louis Vuitton x UNICEF #makeapromise movement is a good idea. The warm-hearted mummy of two-month-old son, Jonah took the pledge and she thinks any action toward charitable efforts in each sphere of influence is a step in the right direction. With an influential global brand such as Louis Vuitton, their support and involvement in raising awareness and funds for children of UNICEF is important. “Everyone can make a difference and to be able to be a part of a global campaign is a privilege.”

ashleeyleong_ashlogue_ashlogue magazine_louis vuitton_unicef_makeapromise_LV_olivia lazuardy_indonesia influencer_olivia indonesia

Olivia Lazuardy making her pledge without any hesitation #makeapromise

The charitable Olivia Lazuardy, fashion icon in Indonesia and founder of clothing brand, Calla Atelier shows great compassion towards children. She mentioned, “I always have a soft spot for children; and my heart goes to those children in need.” With the launch of the #makeapromise movement by Louis Vuitton x UNICEF, she made her pledge without any hesitation. Pledging alongside with celebrity influencers Eva Celia, Julie Estelle, and Dion Wiyoko.

She believes that the future of our world lies in the hands, the hearts and minds of our children. Every child deserves the opportunity to discover their full potential and pursue their dreams. She sincerely hopes that more young professionals would pledge and support #makeapromise as they possess the knowledge and ability to make a difference through social media platforms.

Our hearts and prayers are with the children of UNICEF. Let’s take the first step in being a part of #makeapromise. Make a difference today.

Happy Valentine’s Day xx

Photo courtesy of Datuk Kelvin Tan, Jaime Lee, Olivia Lazuardy and Robb Report