There is undeniably comedic value in the plot of a music-loving postulant nun turned governess with a mind of her own who threw the militaristic lives of widowed Captain von Trapp and his seven children into a beautiful mess of song and dance — literally. Add a generous serving of irresistibly sweet romance to the mix, place concoction into the theatrical oven, and out pops something sensational — The Sound of Music.

The memoir of Maria Von Trapp, née Kutschera was first produced by Richard Rodgers and lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II into a smashingly successful Broadway production in 1959, and subsequently adapted into an Oscar-winning 1965 film starring Julie Andrews. Captivating millions through the numerous productions and revivals over the years, The Sound of Music has arrived once again at The MasterCard Theatres to delight all Singaporeans, young and old!

Be prepared to unleash your inner child and sing your heart out to all-time popular tunes The Sound of Music, My Favourite Things, Do-Re-Mi, and Edelweiss with the lovable Maria Rainer (Carmen Prectorius), devoted Captain von Trapp (Nicholas Maude), show-stealer Mother Abbess (Janelle Visagie), and the very adorable von Trapp children à la Singapore! Avid fans of the 1965 film will be excited to hear that this stage revival includes Something Good, the musical number specially written by Rodgers for the film.

What’s truly endearing to the audience, however, is beyond the picturesque theatre sets and the uplifting songs. It is the relatable characters in The Sound of Music whom we can connect with effortlessly — one tough decision at a time. We agonised with Maria as she deliberated the seemingly contradictory love for God and Captain von Trapp. We felt Liesl von Trapp’s heart skip a few beats when Rofl stole a kiss under the moonlight, and her heart shatter when Rofl became a hostilely staunch Nazi. We experienced Captain von Trapp’s steadfast determination in his commitment to his country even at the price of his engagement to Baroness Elsa Schräder. We leapt for sheer joy with the von Trapp family when the love of Captain von Trapp and Maria trumped everything else.

Indeed, the symbolic coming-of-age development of Maria throughout the musical—from a bumbling oft-admonished postulant nun with a penchant for singing at inappropriate locations, then to an unconventional governess who quickly won the children’s affection to finally, an adoring wife and nurturing mother—was a soul-stirring transition to behold.

Granted, the society then may be worlds apart from today but the quintessential uncertainties and challenges portrayed in the musical were, and will always be, part and parcel of life. Like the ever-sagacious Mother Abbess, The Sound of Music sagely reminds us and our lil’ ones of this timeless advice: Persevere and Climb Ev’ry Mountain in search of our dreams, because the view at the right peak is worth it.

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You do not want to miss this golden opportunity to catch the world’s best-loved musical from now until 3 December 2017 here!

Photos courtesy of Aik Soon