After a few rounds of “schedule-massaging”, Ashlogue finally spent a perfect Friday afternoon with Stephanie Carrington.

Stephanie has left everyone utterly impressed with her sophistication during her live presentation of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix and various TV productions. Little did we know that apart from being a multi-talented artist on the screen, she leads an equally panoramic life with a wide range of interests. In fact, she seemed to be poised for life in a kaleidoscope the moment she set foot on planet Earth, being born in Germany and raised in a variety of cultural settings.

We were particularly touched by how sincere her approach to life is. “I try not to leave any regrets in my life,” said Stephanie. It was very encouraging to hear from a successful artist like Stephanie that there is something to be learnt in every experience, even if it is contrary to one’s expectations, just keep on trying!

PS: The passionate smiles while she was rollerblading were so infectious! We could only wonder what memories were playing in her mind while she was taking off. Thank you Stephanie!

Watch how she keeps in shape and the secrets to her daily beauty and wellness routines:

Special Thanks to:
BMW Asia & W Singapore – Sentosa Cove

Fly Entertainment Artiste: Stephanie Carrington
Make up & Hair: Airin Lee
Photography: Shaun Tay
Videography: Joanne Lim
Camera Assistant: Ng Eileen
Drone Operator: Sean Eng