‘If that’s really what you want to do, you gotta go for it.’
– Michael Wong

Ashlogue B-Real’ returns with a bigger bang! This interview series shares real life stories of the most dedicated artistes in Asia, a day of their lives outside work, topped with glimpses into their passion and mesmerizing talents.

Despite his inordinately busy schedule, he’d graciously agreed to spend time with us for an interview. Nothing beats travelling all the way to Hong Kong just for our first heart-throb of 2017 – Michael Wong, a Chinese-American actor. Initial plan was to cover all of the footage within 4 hours. As the conversations with Michael went on, everyone on the ground got stoked, wanting to watch him enthusiastically immersing himself in his dreams, which was…… We shall leave that as the unexpected surprise! As the saying goes – “things don’t usually go as planned”, but off-the-cuff moments just made us smile and indeed, were the gem.

Having spent 7 hours on Labor Day interviewing a celebrity is a record in itself, definitely our first and Michael too – this means tonnes and we are grateful! His sustained presence in the Hong Kong Film Industry is undoubtedly impressive, and his alluring charisma spoke for itself during the FB LIVE session, as seen from the animated comments – “Oh, the HK Supercop! Still looking good and young!

I am sure everyone must have been wondering, what has this evergreen actor been up to over the past decade?

Watch to appreciate the real McCoy and you will find out what he’s passionate about in life:

More candid photos here.

Video produced by Spark A Light 
Photos courtesy of Shaun Tay 

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