When Lisha Chin & Alison Carroll, Founders of BalletBodySG heart to heart with Lauren Lovette, the Principal Ballerina of NYC Ballet.

BalletBody – Lisha Chin & Alison Carroll

Principal Ballerina of NYC Ballet – Lauren Lovette

Alison Carroll (AC): When I first heard about interviewing you, I was stoked – It’s Lauren! I’ve been on your Instagram, you slay every photo in your feed. Here’s the first, what do you like about NYC Subway? The perfect escape for inspiration on-the-go?

In my opinion, the NYC Subway offers some of the most honest people watching of anywhere I’ve ever been. Everyone has the goal of getting from point A to point B, and there is a mix of races, professions, genders, ages, sexual orientations, and ideologies. Then here comes performers, beggars, crowds, and different relationships, it produces such an inspiring spectrum of human nature and emotion. I would say if you’re feeling mindful, it is the perfect escape for inspiration on the go.

Lisha Chin (LC): What made you want to become a professional ballet dancer? 

Ballet was something that I felt an instant connection with. While helping my parents in the kitchen, I would dance around putting the dishes away or bringing my dad ingredients while he cooked delicious creations. I was home schooled, so ballet gave me an outlet that I always felt very fortunate to have. Dance was never something I took for granted so I wanted to take it as far as I could!

AC: What do your childhood dreams and career goals say about you? How long did it take to get to where you are today? 

When I was a kid I would play street hockey with my brothers. There was always a part of me that wanted to be in the same league as the boys, and a major desire to live in New York City. I would also create plays and ballets for my younger siblings, so I think the choreographer was inside me as well just waiting for it’s chance to shine. I’d say the majority of the last 15 years have been entirely devoted to my art form both as a ballerina and a choreographer. 

LC: How did your mom inspire you with inner beauty?

My mother is a very disciplined woman. At one point she was working three jobs to keep our family afloat. My work ethic definitely came from my mother, but I think what I learned from her the most is how to give whole heartedly. Humility, grace, courage, and loyalty are all traits I hope resonate in me as well as they do in my Mom.

AC: We love that a lot of non-dancers are now turning to ballet based fitness workouts to stay fit, do you do anything other than your daily ballet class to enhance your performance? (ie. Pilates.. etc)

I have had pilates in my workout regimen for years now. Along with daily ballet class and weekly pilates, I also enjoy Yoga, daily meditations, and trips to the gym to keep my stamina high.

LC: As former dancers ourselves, we know that having a balanced diet plays a big part in our performance level. Whats your go-to food before a class/performance?

I’ve been mostly vegan for about a year and a half now and have never felt better. My number one favorite food before class or a show is an Avocado, peeled like an orange and eaten raw!

AC: What’s your favourite part of ballet class? 

I have always liked plies the best! There is something about that first combination at the barre that says “I’m awake, ready, aligned and warm” lets dance. When a pianist plays a song I can sing to in my head I’m even happier. 

AC: Do you do anything specific as muscle recovery post class/performance? (ie. Certain stretches..etc) 

I love taking epsom salt baths in the mornings and evenings. I ice when fighting a sprain, and no matter what I use arnica religiously. 

LC: Where do you get the most exceptional leg warmers and outfits?

I’m a PUMA girl all the way! They supply me with most of my favorite dancer/choreographer outfits, and absolutely all of my sneakers. However since they don’t make leg warmers yet, I rely on Bloch and Capezio for most of my classical “ballet only” needs. 

LC: What are your thoughts about life and/or dancing of late?

Life is changing very quickly these days! I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to face so many fears head on. I treasure growing myself from the inside out and pushing my mental boundaries has been a true gift. In a broader sense, I am glad that the dance world is being challenged. I’m encouraged that racial diversity and gender equality are being talked about. These things are paramount if the world is going to be a peaceful place, and I believe it’s up to the arts to lead the way. 

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Photos courtesy of BalletBody, Lauren Lovette & Nisian
Video by Lauren Lovette

“Life without ballet would be Pointe-less.”