Shoe of The Moment: UA Charged 24/7 NU

  • Sneakers (a.k.a. kicks, as people in the game call it) has always been a passion of mine. I used to follow the release dates of iconic sneakers on a daily basis, and yes, I was also one of those crazy people who would queue up outside the store just to be one of the first to lay my hands on new releases.

Whilst I’ve really mellowed down on my sneaker game, since I moved to Singapore in November 2016, running became a new-found hobby, or maybe obligation is the more accurate term, for my only motivation was to slim down! Running for 30 minutes religiously on a daily basis has really pulled off the trick on the belly, and it really opened up a whole new world to my understanding of sneakers.

Back in the days, finding a pair of weightless kicks which hugged your feet seamlessly was such a luxury, and yes, the prices were royal as well. Well, I guess the sneaker scene has really moved on. The UA Charged 24/7 NU comes with a pleasing silhouette, available in Singapore in three cool colourways, black, steel and midnight navy blue. On first sight, I had no doubt it would make a pair of very fashionable and comfortable walking shoes.

The first tick off the box? Well, it fitted my feet like a pair of gloves and with ample breathing space. However, the most impressive bit was how weightless it was! Strolling in this pair did feel like walking with your bare naked feet! Also, don’t get fooled by the seemingly basic sole, whilst it did not provide the airy cushioning, it did a wonderful job in minimising impact, I did not feel any irritating throbs at my soles throughout my walk-about.

Pop by the newly-launched Under Armour Flagship store at Orchard Central, #01-07/08 from 11AM – 10PM daily or get it to your doorstep here.

Outfits: TripleFit (UA – Man; Every Sec Counts – Woman)

Shoes: Under Armour


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