Ashlogue Chats with Rachael Fraser: Barre, The Beautiful Workout

After 7 years of long hiatus from ballet, it was really a challenge for me to get rid of Natalie Portman’s svelte ballet bod in Black Swan. I have been keeping a lookout on how I can regain my flexibility again.

And when I finally realized a similar exercise outlook could be found through Barre, I decided to give it a whirl. Ballet-inspired Barre workout is currently a fitness movement that you’ve probably caught wind of, by now. Not only is Barre the most effective way for weight loss and body toning, it also helps with your balance by focusing on isometric holds and posture.

But how true are these statements? Read on to an authentic voice by Rachael Fraser, the person behind this phenomenon..

‘Whilst suffering with a back injury I was introduced to Pilates and was so impressed by how quickly I regained strength and the change it made to my body. It was through teaching Pilates that I found out about Barre.’
– Rachael Fraser

Share with us your journey on discovering Pilates and then Barre. Describe the best moment.

R: I had a very strong passion for dance from about the age of 12 and decided to pursue it professionally. With intense dance training, looking after your body is key as injuries are inevitable. Whilst suffering with a back injury I was introduced to Pilates and was so impressed by how quickly I regained strength and the change it made to my body. Since then I continued to learn more about the Pilates method and different forms of training whilst still dancing but overtime the dance work faded out and my passion for Pilates grew! It was through teaching Pilates that I found out about Barre workouts and I just knew it was something I was going to LOVE. Combing my 2 passions – Pilates and dance in one workout felt absolutely amazing and I love that I get to inspire people everyday with the benefits of this workout. Watching clients gain so much strength and confidence from this workout is truly the best part about my job.

What interests you in learning this workout?

R: The fact that it is so enjoyable and effective!

Rachael, tell us how Barre could benefit a workout enthusiast or the yoga groups. 

R: Barre is unlike any other workout out there and in fact one of the main comments people make after trying the class for the first time is that they ‘feel like they’ve worked muscles they never knew they had’ which is awesome! Your workouts should always challenge you but the thing I love about Barre is the combination of powerful strong movements and elegance all rolled into one. Barre will lengthen and strengthen your muscles whilst working on improving balance, posture and flexibility.

What’s the difference between Barre and a typical strength training class/yoga? 

R: Barre classes combine elements of Pilates, classical ballet, functional fitness and yoga. The resulting combination is something truly unique. Depending on the style of Barre class you could choose to do something low impact and really focus on technique and understanding the movement (WeBarre Fundamentals) or take it to the next level with a faster paced higher intensity class (WeBarre Signature) that will ensure you see results fast!

How often do you practice Barre to keep yourself in shape? What about superfood/healthy food intake, does it help too? 

R: I teach roughly 20 Barre classes a week so that certainly helps! But outside of my teaching hours I will always get to a couple of sessions a week mixing it up with Pilates and running to improve cardio fitness. With my teaching hours I tend to eat a small meal in the evening and instead have a bigger lunch that has some protein and slow releasing carbs to get me through the afternoon/evening classes. I also love fresh juices packed full of fruit and veggies and mixed with MyMaha green superfood supplement to give me an energy boost!

What’s your best advice for the ladies & moms-to-be out there? 

R: For ‘mums to be’- listen to your bodies and do what feels right for you and always consult with a medical professional before starting any new exercise program. We have recently launched a specialised Pre Natal class perfect for pregnant women wishing to stay fit and healthy throughout their pregnancy so of course I would definitely recommend that!

What’s your favourite time of the day and what do you do during your leisure? 

R: My favourite time of day probably changes depending on the time of year but I do love a good sunset :-). In my free time I love to go running with friends, find the best brunch cafes, explore new places and read a good book.

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