Weekend Pilates With Under Armour: Women of Will

Have you ever embraced that momentum, feeling more alive than you have in years in a sudden – maybe even bearing that pain for a few days with pride?

Read on to find out more of how dedicated everyone was, working out with Under Armour to raise breast health awareness for the many women. So much worth gaining power on my Saturday’s morning.

Hosted by Kelly Latimer and Ross Sarpani at the global women’s campaign by Under Armour, the WOMEN OF WILL had came to a halt with a public fitness event featuring these line-ups – yoga, high-intensity Pilates, functional workouts, spinning and boot-camps at the new Capitol Piazza.

The event saw athletes and personalities from the Singapore scene – the national tennis player Sarah Pang, national basketball player and MediaCorp artiste Chase Tan as well the Breast Cancer Foundation Paddlers in the Pink.

I have been procrastinating to make appearance for my Pilates and Barre sessions, I would have long gone if I were not caught up with my plodding perceptive, otherwise. Hence, it was a long overdue of high-intensity Pilates that held me to core.

I was extremely impressed by the bunch from Radiance PhysioFit who was being so dynamic just to spark me off having a storm of 24 times squat in a minute. The struggle was real, but each squat made me provoke into working harder for the women to leading up a healthy lifestyle and steer clear of the breast health affair.

This intense workout aligned my thoughts to the campaign tagline – “It doesn’t matter what others think, it’s what you believe.”

And if you think that working out values to yourself more, you are way off beam. Because 10% of proceeds from the high-performance sportswear brand’s Power in Pink apparel series were donated to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF). On top of that, each workout session was offered at $10 and will too be contributed to the organisation.

Keeping myself in shape, why not? Nutritious meals and smoothies please?

| Campaign Partners: Yoga Inc, Breathe Pilates, Innervate CrossFit, Impact MMA, Radiance PhysioFit and 7Cycle, Selva Foods, MyMaha, Bounce Smoothie and Yolo |

|| Photo courtesy of Shaun Tay and edited by Ashleey Leong ||


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