Selfie Fever: ASUS Turquoise Zenfone


Social change has been potentially influencing the community’s craze and mutating us to constantly be on mobile, from device-less to phone addiction – Having that heavy work hazard trait in me in the heart of this style-scooting city, how intoxicating technology is. I am at a loss for words.

As a social media warrior myself, everything has to be instant and convenient on the go. Of checking emails as when it alerts, text messaging and conversation over the phone for connections etc. But, what about making a real life touching up with this limited turquoise ASUS Zenfone Selfie especially when days are worth collecting and when #nofilter has been stepped up a notch?

You have no idea how on point this chipset is, when it gives me ultimate multimedia and entertainment experiences, no filter is needed and I can go live right away. Gorgeous isn’t it? I still can’t get enough of this little gizmo even after 2 weeks of personal touch, turquoise has always been my all-time hue!

There is no possibility that my phone will go flat, when I often beef up my convenience on the go with ZenPower! 4 times of the capacity compared to the usual to endure my constant and heavy use of mobile. Imagine that! Feeling so stoked that I have finally found the right pack.

So, why the hassle and wait? The ASUS Zen Family – ZenFone Selfie & ZenPower are off-the-rack now going SGD379 & SGD29.90 respectively with the special appearance of Michelle Chong (Left Profile Artiste) at the ZenFestival launch event I attended earlier.

|| Photo courtesy of Shaun Tay and edited by Ashleey Leong ||


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